Speaker Interviews


Giulia Vilone - Self-explainability of complex models

Dr. Luca Longo - Explainable Artificial Intelligence: what why and how

Dennis Jennings - The risks of AI driven systems

Oisin Boydell - AI and Machine Learning - the hype and the reality

Seamus Galvin - How has GDPR changed the data landscape

Cormac Ó Conaire - Designing Future Healthcare Experiences

Clíona Mooney - Data Culture in the Media Sphere

Annalina Caputo - Forward to the past

Darko Matovski - Automating Machine Learning for time-series

Eric Robson - Artificial Intelligence in the Dairy Sector

Mark Kelly - AI – Cutting thru the Hype: The Potential for AI in Ireland’s Future

Abed Ajraou - Data as Value - the maturity level

Paul Pierotti - Data Science in Practice

Nathan Kinch - It's time to design for trust

Cian O'Mahony - Optum making the health care system work better

David Lillis - How old are you? Facial Age Estimation using analytics.

Cronan McNamara - Overview of the data of business science panel


Machine learning perspectives - Interview with David Gerster of BigML

History of big data - Interview with David Gerster of BigML

The future of mobility at BMW - Paulo Alves of BMW

Who are CeADAR - Brian MacNamee of UCD

The future of data models - Cronan McNamara of Creme Global

Recaps on three years as keynote speaker - John Elder of Elder Research

Adaptability and intuition in data science - Gerhard Pilcher of Elder Research

Misleading discoveries in data - John Elder of Elder Research

Impressions on Predict - Darren O'Neill of PwC

The maturity of advanced analytics in organisations - Darren O'Neill of PwC

Machines learning models on top of personal sense data - Brian MacNamee of UCD

VR as a training tool - Alan Haverty of VRAI

Trends we see as a service provider - John Pugh of Sonalake