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What is Predict?

Predict is Europe’s leading data conference. It is designed to bring together thought leaders and innovators in the fields of data science, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and technology.

Predict attendees will meet innovators and founders operating at the forefront of data and technology. We trace the future trends as leading practitioners share their stories. You will have the opportunity to discuss your ideas with the people building our future.

About Predict
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Past Conference Highlights
“Entire industries are shifting due to the advancements in Predictive Analytics. The Predict Conference is the go to conference to find out where everything is heading.”

Kevin Koidl

Wripl Technologies

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What can you expect?

More than 30 international and Irish speakers will deliver talks on topics such as Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing 4.0, Fintech, Blockchain, Sharing Economy, Internet of Things, Future of Healthcare and Sport. Predict is a great day for networking and getting inspired.
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Our focus in always on great speakers. We want you to leave Predict inspired about potential of predictive analytics to change the world.
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  • Dr. Edward Curry

    Vice President
    Big Data Value Association (BDVA) | Insight | Lero | NUIG

    Internet of Things Enhanced User Experience for Smart Water and Energy Management

    Dr. Edward Curry is a research leader at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics (www.insight-centre.org) and a funded investigator at LERO The Irish Software Research Centre (www.lero.ie). His research projects include studies of smart cities, energy intelligence, semantic information management, event-based systems, stream processing and human-in-the-loop. Edward has worked extensively with industry and government advising on the adoption patterns, practicalities, and benefits of new technologies. Edward has published over 130 scientific articles in journals, books, and international conferences. He has presented at numerous events and has given invited talks at Berkeley, Stanford, and MIT. He is Vice President of the Big Data Value Association (www.BDVA.eu) a non-profit industry-led organisation with the objective of increasing the competitiveness of European Companies with data-driven innovation. Edward is a member of the scientific leadership committee of Insight, and a Lecturer in Informatics at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG).

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  • Prof Andrew Parnell

    Maynooth University

    Talk title:
    Sea-level Rise and Sustainability for Ireland and the World: Challenges for AI

    Andrew Parnell is Hamilton Professor in the Hamilton Institute at Maynooth University. His research is in statistics and machine learning for large structured data sets in a variety of application areas. He has co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed papers in applied journals such as Science, Nature Communications, and Plos ONE, and has methodological publications in journals such as Statistics and Computing, The Annals of Applied Statistics, and Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C. He has been awarded over €1 million to date in direct funding. He has been heavily involved in the commercialisation of research through the start-up companies Prolego Scientific (CSO) and Atturos (Scientific Advisor). He is currently a funded investigator in three different SFI centres: The Insight Centre for Data Analytics, The I-Form Advanced Manufacturing Centre, and The VistaMilk Centre for Precision Pasture-based Dairy.

    His current list of application areas includes:
    Climatology, including sea level rise, extremes, and measuring rapid past climate changes Manufacturing, including anomaly detection, real-time tool wear analytics, and additive manufacturing Bioinformatics, including prostate cancer identification from peptide measurements, machine learning for SNPS, extending G-BLUP and SNP-BLUP models to larger data sets. Learning analytics for monitoring student progress and engagement Quantitative ecology especially mixing models for estimating animal diets and sediment tracing Radiocarbon dating and chronology modelling for archaeological and palynological applications He enjoys collaborating with other scientists and writing non-specialist software via the open-source statistical language R.

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  • Connor Upton

    Regional Data Design Director
    Fjord - Accenture Interactive

    Talk title:
    Building Centaurs: Designing human AI interaction

    AI is transforming the future of work. We have seen a lot of hype around workforce replacement, but how can AI augment human performance? This talk describes how to drive ideation for AI applications while maintaining a human centric philosophy. It demonstrates how AI can support cognitive tasks to allow human experts to cope with inhuman scales of information. It shows how human AI collaboration opens up new opportunities for creativity and new product development. The talk closes with a set of design principles that guide the development of human-centered, AI-powered products and services.


    Connor is the Regional Data Design Director for Fjord EALA. He is based in the Dublin studio which sits at the heart of Accenture’s multidisciplinary innovation hub, the Dock, where he fosters collaboration between designers, data scientists & software engineers. Connor applies human centric approaches to the design of complex work environments and has published and spoken widely on this topic. His projects cover multiple domains including public safety, manufacturing and sustainability. He is keenly interested in how interactive visualizations can support collaboration between human and artificial intelligence.

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  • Dr. Conor McGinn

    Assistant Professor - Mechanical & Manuf. Eng
    Trinity College Dublin

    A.I., Robotics and Healthcare

    Dr. Conor McGinn holds a primary degree in Engineering and a PhD in Robotics from Trinity College Dublin. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering in Trinity College Dublin where he is the co-founder of the Robotics And Innovation Lab. Dr. McGinn is passionate about the development of assistive technology and the role that robotics can play in empowering people.

    A Robot in Every Home - Robotics Expert Conor McGinn at Big Ideas 2017

    Engineers Ireland Excellence Award for Engineering Innovation - 2014
    SFI Engineer Competition Winner - 2016
    National Disability Authority (NDA) Universal Design Grand Challenge [Finalist] - 2014
    Discover Research Dublin "Smart Cities, Smart World" Winner - 2014

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Our primary motive with Predict is to give over our stage to the leading speakers in technology and data. We are open to great content from scientists, founders, practitioners, CEOs and academics.
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“It's really hard to get a room full of people with this level of expertise and who are all focused on the future of predictive analytics. Bravo.”

Padraig Mannion


Partnership with Predict

We know that partnerships are important to your organisation. Connecting with other organisations that are shaping the future has never been easier. Predict is the conference of the future with data and analytics at its core. We are facilitating partnerships and development of ecosystems to progress the data revolution.
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    Gain key knowledge and tips from industry practicioners about current trends and emerging technologies. Take away useful insights to apply to your future projects.

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    Form valuable relationships with companies and individuals working with predictive analytics. Expand your professional network in a inspiring environment.

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    But above all else.

    Be inspired.

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The journey of data science has just begun

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