Vision behind Predict

We wanted to push the boundaries of traditional conferences and match how people really learn, connect and become inspired. Our focus in on great speakers, great content and great experiences. Each year has brought more real-world examples of predictive analytics at work.

We have seen every type of organisation find ways to leverage a new wave of technology and turn data into insights. What was once confined to large corporations with the resources to crunch data on an industrial scale is now in the mainstream. Projects that were commissioned and then left on the shelf are now being successfully executed. And scare stories about robots replacing humans have evolved into nuanced conversations about augmented intelligence rather than artificial intelligence.

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Main Conference Themes

  • Health and Life Sciences
    There has never been a more exciting time in life sciences: Genetics, CRISPR, wearables, nano tech cures, disruptive service projects (think Amazon & Atul Gawande). It's good to be alive.
  • AI and Machine Learning
    2019 is a year when everyone from Governments to microchip manufacturers are turning their full attention to AI and Machine Learning. It's game on.
  • Technology
    The application of data science are vast. In technology we collect up hot topics for 2019 including robotics, self driving cars, manufacturing 4.0, IoT and more.
  • Society (Sustainability/ Government/ Cities/ Privacy)
    How can data science improve societies outcomes? A core theme in 2019 is sustainability. Also some of the most interesting data science projects in 2019 are happening in the smart cities space.